Data Workflow Activities

This project is the source code for the OData QueryFeed workflow and AdventureWorks OData feed with image streams samples.

  • OData QueryFeed: Build a fully qualified OData query with a designer, and return entity properties or an ADO.NET DataTable.
  • Filter: Apply an OData filter with a designer.
  • EntityProperties: Place a TablePartPublisher in an EntityProperties activity designer.
  • TablePartPublisher: Publish a TablePart to a workflow client host. TablePart can have a table style.
  • SQL Server ConnectionBuilder activity and designer.
  • SQL Server SelectDataTable activity and designer.
  • SqlWhere activity and designer for simple select where.
  • Hosted Windows Workflow Designer with custom activity tool form.
  • LoginForm activity and designer.
  • Hosting a workflow in an Office Addin.
  • Workflow and Word extension methods.

You are welcome to contribute to the project.

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